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BRUKS Rockwood's Linear Stacker Product Line provides an excellent method of automated storage pile building for most bulk materials. Large storage volumes can be achieved through the linear travel. Also by adding the slew feature to the linear stacker, one linear stacker can build multiple linear piles. Dust and particulate emissions are also minimized through the addition of the stacker luffing option. This allows the stacker to lower the boom discharge chute to its lowest point before beginning stack out. The boom then automatically raises in small pre-set increments as the storage pile makes contact with the boom/ pile limit switches. For fully automated stack out and reclaim systems adding a Linear Reclaimer to the installation should be considered. Another option may be the Circular Stacker Reclaimer, COSR. The COSR is for smaller storage requirements and is typically less costly to supply and install. Often combining full automation with stacking and reclaiming, "Complete Fully Automated Storage Systems" provide for quick return on investment, "ROI" through the elimination of manual handling equipment and labor.